SunBeach Hotel & Resort



We specialize in combining ideal venues with impeccable service for your events, exceptional contemporary locations and intuitive service, from an exclusive product launches or corporate events, private receptions, weddings and party celebrations, all situated on the hotel’s lobby level for easy access.


The Sunbeach Hotel & Resort Family is committed to making your dreams come true with seemingly limitless venue options that range from Ocean View to Garden View. Our Sales Team is here to help you express your individuality and Honour your cultural heritage because after all, it’s your wedding, and only you know what it will take to make this exciting day everything you imagined it would be.

The Wedding Ceremony:

Our Talented Events team will ensure your dreams are turned into reality. With our numerous venues including our lush gardens, stone terraces and ocean view, we can assure an unforgettable and romantic wedding ceremony.


The Wedding Party/Reception:

The cuisine, the music, the service, the ambiance. When it all comes together, the result will be amazing. We can't help you with your first dance, but our experienced staff will ensure that all of the other details surrounding your elegant reception are handled to perfection. We’ll work with you on everything from menus and wine selection to candles and linens to help make your fairy tale wedding complete

Engagement party:

Some traditionalists believe the bride's mother should host this event, but more couples are taking it upon themselves to spread the joyous news. Our planners will gladly help you (or your mother) stage a formal dinner, cocktail hour, brunch — or whatever function you'd like to celebrate the day.

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Start this celebration at Sunbeach Hotel’s Very own Pool Bar – where boys can be boys and girls can be girls!